Wednesday, 21 January 2009

my awards

I have finally got round to uploading some more awards from my sister that has given them to me for helping her out so much with her blogging and for me having lots of patience whilst she learns lol the basics it is my fault she is hooked on blogging now, but it has certainly give her something to look forward to as she learns a little bit everyday and thanks to all the other crafting bloggers out there that have also helped us with both mine and my sisters blogs. xxxx
I would like to give the opportunity to other bloggers out there to pick up these awards as so many of you seem to have these already so for those of you i have missed please help yourself.
my 5 favourite things
1. Internet shopping for craft things
2.blogging and hopping
4.entering challenges now have a bit more confidence
5.spending time with my family
Tracy x


Beth said...

Well done on your awards! Thanks for visiting my blog, you can buy the Safmat film here, happy shopping! xx

Pink Dandelion said...

Congratulations on winning Donna's candy and well done on your awards. Debs x