Sunday, 8 February 2009

another award

This award has been given to me by Rosie over at Rosebuds, go Rosie thank you for all your support and the lovely award.

Tracy x

Now all I have to do is give this award to 5 other people. I will be back later watch this space.

Well here we are it is so hard but all these people have been so helpful and make regular comments on my blog and I follow quite a lot of blog and they are all truly inspirational and wonderful so thank you everybody.

Debra for not giving up on her blog and persevering and for being a great sister.

Vanessa for being a great support and commenting regulary on my blog

Chris for being a great support and helping out with my blog and answering my questions.

Donna for also being great support and for doing fantastic on giving up smoking

Debby for also being a great help and thank you for your continued support

Hugs tracy x


Maggie Bob said...

Thanks for your comment sweetie. You're right about the Kanban toppers being so handy if you are in a rush - I just love all the ones of elegant ladies in elegant dresses.

It was fun to have a play with some from a theme I wouldn't normally play in!


Carly said...

Hi Tracy!! HAppy Birthday to YOU!! (tomorrow) :) That's awesome!! Thanks so much for posting my blog candy link/picture on your blog :) I am in awe of just how many bloggers have told me their b-days were this week?!! Well, I wish you the best--take time for YOU...have cake...whatever makes you HAPPY!!

Kristine B. said...

Oops, that last comment was actually ME, not my 10 yr. old daughter, LOL. Forgot to have her log out when she was done.

Donna said...

Ah thank you hun, I'm touched. will get this up on my blog later. Donna x