Tuesday, 3 February 2009

birthday card for a special friend

Hi everyone been feeling rather off colour since last thursday but keep plodding on, I now have this annoying cough and ache all over but since i female i must go about my daily duties lol.

Anyway its a special friends birthday today so i quickly had to put a card together as i really havent felt like it hence the feeble attempt these kazban images are fantastic for putting together a really quick card and great value for money 6 - 8 images for 99p!

hugs tracy x


sylvia said...

great card!
hugs sylvia

debra said...

Arrh my poorly sis
but yet again you have done another outstanding card and to say you never even liked these images when i showed you them, well this has got to be the third one isn't it? and i love them all.
heres to a speedy recovery love
Debra xxxxxxx