Thursday, 28 May 2009

ben 10 cake day 2

Well its day 2 I have just finished piping round the edges glued ben and the blue monster on and added some shimmer dust!
Now the stars and balls are dry I have added them I made the ben 10 words last night still got a bit to do but nearly finished!
should be done by today lol, my card making has taken a back seat unfortunately will be back into it tomorrow hopefully!
Tracy x


debra said...

Hey sis
Hes looking good you have excelled yourself on this as you haven't even seen Ben10 let alone know anything about him, can't wait for the finally and to see you and ben tomoz nite
hugs Debra

Anonymous said...

This is a great looking cake.
I am trying to put together a blog post of the best Ben 10 cakes people have created and wondered whether you would mind me using your photo in my post, obviously with a link back to your website.
My website is If this would be OK with you please could you let me know by e-mailing me at referencing your website name.
Many thanks, Chloe