Sunday, 12 July 2009

One very proud mum

Here some photos from my sons passing out parade on friday in Bassingbourne, after 14 weeks of hard training my son made me the proudest mum ever!
It was so emotional words can't describe how i feel, I also feel a little bit scared for the future ahead I am sure you all know what I am talking about though!
He is home for 3 weeks then gets posted to Borden for phase 2 training he seems very happy, grown up and mature bless him and is having the time of his life he has made loads of new mates as well.
Tracy x


Anonymous said...

`Congratulations` You should be very `proud` to...
Beautiful photo`s
`Many Blessings` to all :) xx

Kim. said...

Congratulations I know just how you feel my eldest son passed out of Pirbright in November of 2007 and it seems just like yesterday. Even though the phase 2 passing out is just as emotional and you get see just how much progress they have made it never takes it away from that very first pass out. Hope you has a long, safe and enjoyable army career.
Kim xXx

debra said...


I think you have done well as a mum and daniel looks great. I know he will be a better man for it.
love debs