Thursday, 17 December 2009

christmas biscuits

So here I am this thursday evening with nothing else better to do lol when my daughter comes home from school and says mum can we make biscuits for my friends at school tomorrow for xmas presents, nothing like leaving things to the last moment eh.
So its took 5 1/2 hours lol to make the dough, chill it, cook it and ice and gift wrap everything we are really pleased how they have turned out so make make so more for nieces and nephews as things are tight this year so we are not buying presents for each other but what inexpensive gifts these are.
Merry christmas everyone
Tracy x


Anonymous said...

These look delish Tracy ..all that hard work wil pay off they will be the best gift ever..
Merry Christmas to you and yours `Enjoy`:)xxx

debby4000 said...

Oh these look fabulous, what wonderful gifts.

Kim. said...

Kida who would have them eh? but oh they look so yummy I am sure they were worth all those hours. I thought at first when I saw the photo's that you were going to say you made them for your class beings as your a t.a, that what I used to do as class gifts when I was working as the same lol.
Kim xXx
Did you get my email about the hyperlinking??

Crissy Armstrong said...

Those look like expensive cookie shop cookies! They turned out amazing (how they look anyway, lol).