Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Hi everyone is anyone else having problems with blogger it says i am not following anyones blog this is happened since yesterday.
tracy x


kaylou said...

yep me too!!!!!!!!!!
hugs kaylou xoxo

Karen said...

The blogger probs are so frustrating aren't they ? !

Thanks for letting me know about the ABC challenge. It's the 1st time I've ever won anything. WOO HOO !

Hopefully our blogs will back to normal soon.

love karen x

Penni said...

Yes this happens to be occasionally.

If you "refresh" your page you should then be able to view the blogs you're following.

I have to say that I panicked a bit when this first happened to me lol!!!


debra said...

Hey sis
me too blooming thing thought it was just me but should have known better, there back today but blogger still playing up a bit.
hugs Debs

Tracy said...

Yeh, there coming back on there own, be patient mine went off for 24 hours.
Happy crafting
Tracy x